• Every married couple will learn to grow together with learning, listening to your today seminar and is a priceless forever situation.

    Ari Albinder — Real Estate, Boca Raton, FL

  • This workshop is enlightening and delinaating our power struggles and deconstructing our fights. I have a deeper understanding of myself, my partner and relationships.

    Susan Albinder — Fitness Instructor, Boca Raton, FL

  • I'm feeling hopeful that my best friend (husband) and I may actually find our way back to each other again.

    Jill Zivot — Lawyer, Orlando, FL

  • Thank you for lighting a light in our marriage to really be the best passionate friends for each other.

    Daniella Ortiz Baeza — Designer, West Palm Beach, FL

  • Rick informs, entertains, reassures, and keeps it real. He is a wonderful positive messenger who truly wants to help couples (and their children, if they have any) live happier, more fulfilled lives.

    Ellen Glenn — Writer, Asheville, NC

  • If you learn one or two things in a seminar you are doing good. I learned (you can learn) at least a half dozen or more realistic useful loving communication practices.

    Terry Bone — Consultant, High Springs, FL

  • Your practical experiences that you shared about your life really helped make sense as to how it really works.

    Kathy Shear — Web Development, Jupiter, FL

  • We are 3-timers with Rick. It always helps us continue to grow as a couple. Sometimes life can get us off track. Rick helps us reset.

    Kris Giger — Retired, Jackson, WY

  • Rick brings great energy and humor to the workshop. I left with a lot of insight and tools to use.

    Karen Holmes — Sales, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • This workshop was extremely insightful and helpful in understanding the genuine source of our relationship fractures and offered a clear doable path to rekindle and nurture the love we have for each other.

    Sietske Wood — Property Manager, Jupiter, FL

  • Exceeded my expectations. Gave me the hope and confidence I needed in my relationship.

    Carla Cervantes — Finance, Tampa, FL

  • This should be required prior to marriage, two years in, and at regular intervals throughout marriage and prior to raising children.

    Linda Roberts — Physical Therapist, Oklahoma City, OK

  • I'm so happy we are interested in our relationship by attending your workshop. We are leaving with a renewed sense of optimism and new ways to communicate.

    Karen Poveromo — Registered Nurse, New Smyrna Beach, FL

  • I feel like a relationship that nearly ended completely two weeks ago- we do have love and now I have tools and now I have hope.

    Sarah Hordeyczuk — Psychiatric Nurse, Clearwater Beach, FL

  • A workshop that will make you feel you are reborn and open another window to help you see your life differently.

    Jenny Pickton — Teacher, Indian Harbour Beach, FL