• For the first time in my 8 year marriage permitted me to listen and respectfully acknowledge her feelings without reactive input. What a great game changing awakening!

    Erick Pickton — Bank Consultant, Indian Harbour Beach, FL

  • This workshop was exactly what we needed to save our 20 year relationship. We were given the tools needed to navigate through the difficult issues. I would recommend this to all my friends.

    Christie Davagian — Flight Attendant, Orlando, FL

  • Rick Brown has given us the tools to walk a new and exciting path as we repair our friendship and marriage.

    John Blair — Technology Manager, Winter Springs, F

  • I learned a great deal about my wife and marriage even after 38 years together.

    Keith Reck — Scientist, Charleston, SC

  • Keep offering this workshop and keep putting your work out into the workd. I feel so encouraged and empowered in my marriage after attending this workshop.

    Jane Yousey — Homemaker, Canton, FL

  • Enjoyed the workshop, learned a lot about communication and my relationships. I got my moneys worth.

    Ned Nafziger — Physcian, Canton, OH

  • The greatest single event for my marriage!

    Mark Holmes — Real Estate, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • This program is a great value. Its cost of attendence is an excellent value.

    Robert Nall — Lawyer, Vero Beach, FL

  • After 40 years of marriage, it may seem fruitless to attend a marriage workshop. Both of us believe we feel a fresh love and understanding as a direct result of Rick Brown's "Getting the Love You Want" workshop. Every couple should learn these valuable relationship saving skills.

    Katie Nall — Presenter, Vero Beach, FL

  • I've sent couples as a therapist and have experienced it firsthand. What a great two day investment!

    Lisa Sharpe — Marriage Therapist, Wildwood, MO

  • I came into this thinking I could not continue in my 3-4 year relationship, that this was the "last ditch effort." I believe I now have hope for the future! I see him in a completely different light!

    Christina Tufford — Accounts Receivable, West Palm Beach, FL

  • This experience took issues in my marriage that I thought could be possible deal breakers to solveable issues and a kind way to communicate the hardstuff with one another.

    Danielle Donahue — Customer Marketing, Boca Raton, FL

  • Great feedback from all the couples around us. Rick, you are making a huge difference. What a great impact and legacy you're making/leaving. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

    Andy Sharpe — Pastor, Wildwood, MO

  • Life Changing Experience!

    Tim Kelly — Retired, Greenville, SC

  • This experience saved our marriage by allowing me to understand my husband’s affair and forgive him for it.

    Vivian Fulk — Computer Programmer, King, NC