• May God bless you and keep you safe to help others succeed in life.

    Pamela Arthur — Medical Practice Consultant, Lawrenceville, GA

  • Thank you for who you are and what you do. I can feel it – you know it and live it and love it.

    Cindy Cartee — Private Practice, Spartanburg, SC

  • Gives you the way to really live.

    Lynn Bennett — Nurse, Greenville, SC

  • For me this seminar was truly transformative. I am leaving a different and better person and partner.

    Tom Bennett — Process Engineering, Greenville, SC

  • Logan and I have been through many hardships then most married couples even though we have only been together for one year. The relationship was bad to start off with but has gotten better as the year passed and coming here has helped us learn a lot better communication skills, and work together toward a relationship we both desire.

    Lauren Lorick — Working College Student, Columbia, SC

  • Rick Brown is the voice of a generation!

    Logan Galloway — Columbia, SC

  • Can’t describe how impressed we both were. We needed this. A lot of friends and relatives do to. Thanks!

    Doug McElleen — Auto Dealer, Summerville, SC

  • Worth every penny, you can’t put a price tag on saving your relationship, especially if you have children.

    Kimberly Reed — Nurse, Clermont, FL

  • I loved it!

    Ryan Reed — Singer/Actor for Epcot/Disney World, Clermont, FL

  • This should be a requirement before getting a marriage license AND before having children.

    Alane Foster — Housewife, Palm Beach, FL

  • All married couples should be required to take this course.

    Sabrina Williams — Contracts Manager, Germantown, MD

  • The insight gained from this workshop have made me a better human being and have renewed my potential for being a positve partner in a healthy relationship.

    Leslie Moore — High School English Teacher, Lusby, MD

  • Although I’m uncertain the direction of my marriage, I do know the exercises learned her will be beneficial for me in the future. I would recommend this to people before they get married.

    Jennifer L Wolfinger — Dental Hygienist, Richmond, VA

  • Excellent Presentation. Thanks for a great leaving experience. Rick was a great presenter.

    John Holland — Lawyer, Washington, DC

  • This workshop will transform our relationship!!

    Jeanne Oliver — Operations Director, Reston, VA