• I am so glad we chose to do this for our potential counseling. These are sills that we will be able to use throughout our entire marriage.

    Amanda Mashburn — Speech Language Pathologist, Raleigh, NC

  • Non-threatening look at the stuff in all of us that needs to change.

    Douglas Hill — Accountant, Lemoyue, PA

  • I hope to use the things I’ve learned this weekend to improve my relationship and keep it moving forward in a positive direction.

    Kathy Dawson — Pharmacist, Groveland, FL

  • An amazing gift for a couple to experience!

    Holly Bennett — Private Practice, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • A fun filled way to focus on your most important relationship.

    Susan Montanez — Sales Manager, Longwood, FL

  • You have been giving this workshop for a long time and bring terrific experience but avoid burn out.

    Rick Walderbant — Tampa, FL

  • The world would be a better place if everyone knew how to mirror.

    Cathy Muzzio — Insurance Agency Owner, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • A must for all! This is life changing!

    Tom Muzzio — Baker Owner, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • Rick Brown’s experience both personal and professional with marriages is so insightful. All the while he’s presenting one feels he is speaking about you. He humorously and gently invited you to discover that which will truly transform your marriage. This workshop should be part of marriage license requirements and I am confident divorce rates in America would decrease significantly.

    Lina Bergouignan — Conscious Discipline Instructor, Miami, FL

  • Every couple in a serious relationship, regardless of age or state of their relationship, needs to attend this course and learn what they can’t know without it!

    Larry Sille — High Tech Developer, Melbourne, FL

  • Just when you feel there is no hope left in your Relationships—come to this seminar and give it a go!

    Vivian Sieqel — Artist, Cocoa Beach, FL

  • Highly recommended. Presents a new outlook on marriage, relationships and life!

    Stuart Cohen — Electrical Engineer, Cedar Grove, NJ

  • An enlightening, life-changing experience!

    Linda Coleman — Realtor, Indialantic, FL

  • Workshop is well suited and applicable to couples of all walks of life that are willing to open themselves up to a better relationship.

    Jon Kish — CIO Computer Technology, Merritt Island, FL

  • I came to this workshop with the anticipation of moving out of my home soon after; however, after this 2-day workshop, I am excited about re-imaging my partner and fulfilling our most basic desire… to be relaxed and joyful.

    Heidi Hughes — Business Owner, Cape Canaveral, FL