• The workshop is a precious gift that all couples deserve to have an opportunity of experiencing!

    Meghana Tembe — Clinical Psychologist, Fairfax, VA

  • This workshop is a must for anybody who has a burning desire to create a special and lasting relationship.

    Abhi Gore — IT Manger, Fairfax, VA

  • Probably saved our marriage. Should be required for all couples those in crisis.

    Reuben Brigety — Scholar/Consultant, Alexandria, VA

  • I came just to satisfy my wife, however, I fell I have learned some very useful family skills. I realized there is no right and wrong in relationships, but just taking time to listen without a response.

    Richard Aiello — Contractor, Union Bridge, MD

  • Great Experience. I love the positive energy this creates.

    Susan Houston — Director of Governance, Bethesda, MD

  • These two days have given us the opportunity to start our relationship over the new eyes, new ears and hopefully new hearts.

    Scott Houston — Electronics Tech Security, Bethesda, MD

  • I was nervous about attending but the experience was really memorable and helpful. I am looking forward to putting into practice what we learned.

    Steve Reed — Banker, Rockville, MD

  • This workshop has given me the tools to create a successful marriage. I’m truly appreciative of all the insight and tactics employed.

    Yasmin Ode — Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Miami, FL

  • Very happy we came. I truly didn’t think we would remain married. I feel we will now. Bill and I will continue with an imago Counselor when we return home. I feel we will now have our dream marriage now.

    Ellen Huey — Teacher, Lakeland, FL

  • My fiancé and I recommend this seminar to any couple that wants to avoid the pitfalls and pair of past relationships.

    Joe Castrofort — Attorney, Orlando, FL

  • I was spectacular seminar that shed some light on practical approached to understand one another’s frustrations truly drive from.

    Leslie Bannely — Human Resource Coordinator, Orlando, FL

  • The program was excellent. I wish I had known about this 20 years ago!

    James Pillsbury — Dentist, Dover, DE

  • I wish we had learned about this sooner. We would have had a happier and healthier family.

    Julia Pillsbury — Pediatrician, Dover, DE

  • The Getting the Love You Want Workshop by Rick Brown should become the cornerstone and foundation for all couples looking for life long growth and happiness together.

    Caroline Baker — Marketing Director, Owings, MD

  • I had no idea coming into this program that I would leave feeling so happy and hopeful about our future and knowing that I am with the right person after 25 years.

    Patricia Dunn — Management Consultant, Washington, DC