• I came into the seminar really not thinking it could do much to help our relationship. I was wrong! It gave us the insight and tools we need to grow together in a mature and happy way.

    Douglas Green — Attorney, Washington, DC

  • The weekend was well organized, and an intensive insight into our relationships and us. I feel more hopeful about my relationship and I am more comfortable going home.

    Stephanie Harvey — Chiropractor, Bolton, Ontario, Canada

  • I think this workshop is good for all married couples. It does not matter your race, location or economic situation. The tools and techniques you learn will benefit you marital situation.

    Christopher Bell — Lawyer, Washington, DC

  • Rick has great energy and speaks not only from education but also from personal experience. Highly recommend this workshop!

    Ron Grant — Engineer, Arden, NC

  • I have never really felt heard until this weekend. When I came here I thought there was no way James and I would ever get along or be right for each other. I now know that we are exactly what each other needs and what was missing in our lives. Now I know how to get those needs met. I feel renewed and rejuvenated about my relationship.

    Beverly Branch — Nurse, New Port Richey, FL

  • Rick Brown is a leader, his work supports our community by helping us have strong relationships, foundations of families is also strengthened.

    Joanna Marqueros — Therapist, Alfany, CA

  • I am so grateful to have attended this session; it will open many doors for us and help us to move our relationship forward. Thank you!

    Tiffany Irwin — Pharmacist, Greenville, SC

  • The workshop provided us with the tools we needed to help us communicate with each other.

    David DeCorlis — Sales, Greenville, SC

  • I believe that anyone willing to try can truly experience an empathy twist would floor even the biggest hearts. Don’t miss the opportunity.

    James Puckett — Greenville, SC

  • Rick made it easy to learn and understand, even the toughest things to hear!

    Alyssa Berman — Marketing, San Francisco, CA

  • If wild horses can’t drag you to this workshop, surrender to experience because you may be very pleasantly surprised and will probably learn about yourself and how to communicate more meaningfully with your loved ones.

    Paul Tuff — Teacher, Salinas, CA

  • Every couple would benefit from attending this workshop.

    Kim Kingswold — Computer Programmer, Salinas, CA

  • Really enjoyed the way Rick taught me to mirror and stop and smell the roses. But the biggest thing for me was how to communicate to my kids and wife. He told stories of himself that could have been me.

    Gary Dixon — Union Rep/ Official, Anchorage, AK

  • I look forward to using these tools to form a deeper, committed, lasting relationship. Thank you!

    Ed Thompson — Project mgr/ College Prof., Common Park, CA

  • Really simple and revolutionary – I feel hopeful in myself, my partner and our relationship.

    Catherine Lerza — Philanthropic Advisor, Berkley, CA