Orlando Area Residents

Couples living in the Orlando area find it convenient and helpful to schedule regular therapy sessions at Rick's Winter Park office. Depending on need, time and resources available, most couples come in once a week for 75 minute sessions.

Intensive Therapy Program

Couples from across the nation and around the world began flying into Orlando for therapy which led to the development of an intensive therapy program- a series of sessions back to back over consecutive days.

Some couples were in treatment in their local community and came to work on specific issues in their relationship or marriage. Others had attended one of Rick's Getting the Love You Want: Workshop for Couples and wanted to further enhance their relationship. Some were therapists seeking therapy for their own relationship.

Experience has shown that a series of back to back sessions can often help couples make important shifts in their relationship and put them on a road to increased safety, pleasure and satisfaction.

Rick's office will be happy to assist you with hotel recommendations and travel suggestions for those coming from out of town.

For more information…

If you are interested in learning more about scheduling an appointment with Rick Brown, please don't hesitate to contact his office. He his happy to speak with you personally by phone regarding you individual needs and/or concerns.